Utilizing the Tarot in Love Magick is not an overnight endeavor, but this book certainly is in my option the best book for doing that and also learning how to read the Tarot either for yourself or your friends.

In addition, you will learn the secrets of the ages that are so eloquently revealed in the Secret Teaching to Mastery that the Tarot unveils.

It works with the Rider Waite deck which is the one I would recommend to use because it is the most powerful simply because it is the most used and more people have put energy into them.

As an accurate psychic in New York City I used the Rider Waite Deck for over 20 years, before spirit would no longer allow me to use them as a crutch in divination but I highly recommend them as the best for a Tarot Reader or a psychic medium to use.

This book can be purchased through Amazon or any book seller. You can also get it for free by going to the Helmsley Kabbalah Library and giving a free will offering.

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