Love Spell: History Of Magick


The practice of magick and love spells (magick spelled with a k is the Old English spelling of the word indicating real magick as opposed to trickery or slight of hand) goes all the way to the cave man days. To despite all the persecutions and witch hunts by those that wanted to control the minds and hearts of the masses it not only remains, but it thrives.  It is still mainly practiced in secret, due to the indoctrination of most people by traditional religion.

Why are  magick and love spells such a threat to the mainstream religion?  Magick teaches you  that the power is within you, not some power but “all power.” It teaches that you do not need an intermediary between you and your creator.  It reveals the truth that God loves you and you are not a sinner or a “worm of the dust,” but a child of god and therefore heir to all the good you could ever desire.

Magick teaches self love and self respect.  It teaches to go beyond the appearances of lack and limitation.  It teaches one to think for themselves and to rely on that inner wisdom that we all have, but have lost touch with.  It helps one to reconnect to the imagination and the processes of the right side of the brain.  It also helps us to re-establish our connection to nature and natures cycles which we have lost touch with living in concrete jungles.

It helps you to think outside of the box and go beyond your current conditioning.  Which studies indicate is a trait of most highly successful people.

Until just recently the practice of magick has been held in secret by those of privilege, not wanting their “secrets of success” to fall into the hands of the common people.

This blog seeks to dispel common myths of magick and empower you with the secrets of the ages.

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