Understanding Moon Phases

There are two general phases of the moon.  WAXING and WANING of the moon.

A simple rule of thumb you may choose to follow states that DRAWING OR INCREASE is conducted during the WAXING MOON and REMOVING OR RELEASE is conducted during the WANING MOON. If you never get more involved in lunar cycles, you still take advantage of the moon’s power by adhering to these simple principles.


To Draw/Increase something to you like Money or Love you make prayers or set work during the WAXING MOON. Plant leaf crops in this moon phase.

  • Appearance – The moon is growing into a FULL MOON. A waxing moon shows a LIGHT colored crescent on the RIGHT side of the Moon.
  • Magical Qualities – Used for attraction magic, love spells, protection and healing . The perfect time for love, healing, prosperity and abundance, wishes, new projects, growth, expansion and increasing knowledge, spirituality and fertility.


To Send Away Trouble or Remove Evil you make prayers or set work during the WANING MOON. This is also when one plants root crops.

  • Appearance – The moon is getting smaller after being a FULL MOON. A waning moon shows a DARK colored crescent on the RIGHT side of the Moon. In other words, the left of the moon is LIGHT and the RIGHT is DARK.
  • Magical Qualities – Used for banishing and rejecting those things that influence us in a negative way. Negative emotions, diseases, ailments, and bad habits can all be dealt with during this moon phase. Purification and House Cleansings should be performed at this time. This is the time to break any curse or remove any type of block.


A complete lunar phase takes about 29 1/2 days to complete. Beginning at the NEW MOON, we see the total absence of the Moon in the night sky. The WAXING or the increasing of the moon follows as it grows into a FULL MOON. From this point, the moon decreases in size during the WANING phase of the moon. The cycle is complete with the DARK MOON or when no moon is visible.

Many books and spells recommend you perform certain work during the exact time of a moon event – like the hour the moon becomes FULL. This information is easy to find on the Internet.  CLICK HERE FOR Moon phase information



  • Appearance – The new moon appears to be totally dark or that there is no moon out at night.
  • Magical Qualities – The NEW MOON introduces the WAXING MOON phase of the lunar cycle. Some say not to begin work until the actual WAXING CRESCENT is visible. Used for personal growth, healing and blessing of new projects or ventures. It’s also a good time to cleanse and consecrate ritual tools.


  • Appearance – The full moon appears totally light.
  • Magical Qualities – The FULL MOON is the culmination of the WAXING MOON (increasing) phase. After the FULL MOON the WANING MOON (decreasing) phase begins Some say you may perform FULL MOON magic three days prior to and after the actual full moon. Others believe rituals must be started or in process during the actual hour of the full moon. Any spells may be cast during the Full Moon – especially protection and divination.


  • Appearance – The dark moon appears totally dark or that there is no moon out at night. It occurs 3 days prior to the New Moon.
  • Magical Qualities – Typically no work is performed during this time. Some feel the Dark Moon phase continues until the actual WAXING MOON crescent is visible in the sky. Others believe this period officially ends at the hour of the NEW MOON.

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  1. Hi. I am very interested in what you do. I would love to explore this further, but think I need your help getting started. How do I get started?
    Thank you!


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